XXClone’s Key Features
  • Can copying Disk system volume with retaining self-booting functionality.
  • Can Boot your system from the clone volume by swapping the disks. This can be particularly useful for disaster recovery, when the primary volume may have become redundant.
  • Can Copy data to and from FAT and NTFS volumes. It even supports USB drives, PATA and SATA.
  • Can Perform periodic backups with XXCLONE, or opt for a one-time disk upgrade/migration. Since XXCLOE copies files and folders, therefore, you can remain logged into Windows during the cloning process and also perform other usual tasks on your PC.
  • Provides additional tools for duplicating the Volume ID, to repair non-bootable disk, creating batch files, etc.

To clone disk, select a source and destination volume and select a backup mode (backup the entire volume by copying all files from scratch, backup incrementally, backup Windows key directories or transfer system registry without file backup). Click Start to proceed further. You can also enable logging and debugging from the Advanced Settings tab.

Download XXCLONE