Qnap Becnhmark, Lun Speed & Stability Test

I – Qnap Hardware Check

II – Qnap Lan Speed Test

III – Qnap Benchmark & Stability test:

I – Qnap Hardware Check

Check Your RAID for Possable RAID Corruption

If one of your HDD gives Read / write or “Normal” Error and Device falls into “In degreed Mode”, your device performance down .

Install latest Firmware

Ex: 3.1 firmware got performance issue, and now Qnap advanced performance with 3.7.2 firmware much more than ever!

Check your volume Free Size

If your volume is full, clean Network Recycle Bin and delete some more files

Check your Network connection is GBit

Connect Lan cable on Qnap directly to your laptop and test if problem still accures. Also Your computer or Switch maybe got 100 mbit and Qnap network setting changed from 1 Gbit to 100 Mbit, so check this settings.

II – Qnap Lan Speed Test

Download “Lan Speed Test (Lite) software:


Choose a Qnap folder, and start test:

III – Qnap Benchmark & Stability test:

Qnap Support Taiwan send me this mail about performance Issues;

If the customer have met HDD or file system performance issue,  please update firmware to latest 3.7.1 or later version first. If still have the same issue, please send us the result of Dump Logs, Kernel Log Analyzer and File System Analyzer.

1. Please install the QPKG on QNAP NAS to get detail system information.




2. Go to Web management page, select “Application Servers” -> “QPKG Center” -> “Get More” and select the qpkg file to install it.

3. After install, enable the QPKG and enter the qpkg webpage.

4. There are 4 functions on the webpage: Dump Logs, Kernel Log Analyzer, HDD Stress Test, File System Analyzer. If the customer have HDD plug-out/ detection issue

please send us the result of Dump Logs and Kernel Log Analyzer.

5. After usage of the QPKG, please disable or remove it immediately.