ISCSI Lun Becomes as RAW / Unallocated File system

An IT manager in Turkey request help from me about his ISCSI on Qnap seems as RAW / Unallocated file system and he couldnt reach his datas. When I asked him why this error may accure, he said he tried to use his ISCSI on windows 2003 server to windows 2008 server.

After a little research (around 2-3 hours 🙂 ) , I find how to recover these files back again.

Also must warn you about this is not Qnap failure, its Windows server failure but if you or your costumer make a mistake like this, here you can recover this files by this way;

1 – Plug you ISCSI to any windows OS with ISCSI initiator;

2 – Download and install Easus Partition Master full version;

3 – Simply run program, choose your RAW / Unallocated Qnap ISCSI part, and press “proceed”;

4 – After a short check (less than 1 minute) , you can reach all of your datas;

Dont forget, you cant use your windows server 2003 ISCSI direclty to another Windows!