Kaspersky Lab is perceived as the best anti-malware brand for business

06 Dec 2012
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, is top choice anti-malware brand globally

According to the Global IT Security Risks Survey, conducted by B2B International for Kaspersky Lab, the Kaspersky Lab brand has outstripped its rivals for the second year running. 16% of senior IT professionals from companies all around the world rate Kaspersky Lab as the top anti-malware brand, a higher percentage than for any of our competitors.*

Kaspersky Lab is in fourth place for brand awareness among global IT security vendors, but ranks second in terms of brand efficiency, according to B2B’s brand funnel analysis, weighted by country size. And companies who use Kaspersky Lab corporate products are more confident that they are protected against future IT threats, poling a confidence level 3% above the average.

More than 3,300 senior IT professionals from 22 countries took part in the Global IT Security Risks survey. The chosen experts from the July 2012 research play a key role in their firm’s IT security policy and also have a good understanding of general business needs. Researchers from B2B explored their views on the major IT security issues facing companies of all sizes and in all parts of the world.