Maintaining your equipment along with regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance visits ensure reliability and extends the life of the instrument. Your equipment is a critical part of your business and downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect. Many of our customers believe it is worth the investment to ensure unlimited on-site repairs, first priority emergency service calls, insulation from part price increases and unlimited use of our Technical Support Center. However, we realize that one service contract may not be a good fit for every customer. So we’ve broadened our contract offerings to better suit the diversity of the users we serve.

We are a strong believer of proactive managed services as it can proactively monitor and seek issues before it turn for the worse. It is simple to solve a problem when it is small and manageable. When the system failed, then sometimes it also bring down other essential services and may take longer time to resolve. Thus, causing more operational downtime.



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