Reasons for Using Office 365

  1. Full Compatibility to Devices – Office 365 supports nearly every devices.  PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android Phone, Nokia phone and Blackberry’s are all supported.  It also extremely easy to configure on any of those devices. 
  2. Complete Solution to Office Productivity –  it has robust email services, collaboration, and instant messaging in a single and simple platform
  3. Simple to use – It takes out the complexity from today technologies.  Why buy and maintain a  e-mail server when Office 365 will do it for you?  Recently, administering and managing mail servers is typically time consuming and costly for most small business owners.   On top of that, you will need to worry about backup and security.  You will need to spend time researching and spending money buying a suitable antivirus and antispam solutions.
  4. Pay as you use – It does not have high start up costs and the operational recurring costs are predictable and constant. It does not have any known limit to potential business growth.  
  5. Scalable – It eliminate the need to worry about old server and migration to newer machines. Thus, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business. 
  6. Reliable and Robust – It has a guaranteed uptime SLA.  All the major hosting providers take great effort to make sure there systems are reliable, and Microsoft is no exception.  Microsoft is backing up their commitment to reliability by providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  7. Mail Backups – No need to worry to backup email in case of accidental loss of email.  Litigation Hold is valuable option against  unhappy employee deliberately sabotaging or deleting valuable emails or evidence.
  8. Easy Access – User can access email, calendar, contacts and collaboration tools anytime, from anywhere and in any devices.
  9. Peace of mind – It allow small business owners to employ latest technologies with the need to worry about technology.  They can concentrate on their core business to make more money in a calm and relaxed way.
  10. Tools and Features – Full featured applications including  shared inboxes, shared calendars, resource scheduling, archiving, email retention policies, and much more is built into the service.
  11. Working Closely with your Customers and Suppliers –  With Office 365 with Sharepoint, you can share files, tasks, and other information securely with one or more of your working partners.
  12. Working with your Service Support Partner – It can delegate management to your service support provider.  This allows them to easily monitor and administrate the service remotely.  Less time spent, less cost to you.
  13. Flexible Plans – Different user can have different plans. It caters to needs and demands of the users rather than treating every users the same.
  14. Being Green and Eco-Friendly save money – Reduced server cost, management cost, and support costs save you money.
  15. Readiness for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning – As a cloud services, it is not dependent on  any single devices or single point of failure. It also have built-in geo-redundancy and the mail servers are sitting in multiple datacentres worldwide.