How to Select the Correct Replacement Battery Cartridge (RBC) for your APC UPS

“To determine the correct Replacement Battery Cartridge or RBC to purchase for your APC UPS and to see other options available to you, use the UPS Batteries & Upgrades Selector tool on our website. Before you use this tool, you will need to know your UPS model #.

To find your UPS model #, locate a white bar-code sticker on your APC UPS. This can be found behind or on the bottom of your APC UPS. The bar code label will look similar to the one below:

apc ups rbc replacement battery cartridge

The top row of the bar code sticker indicates the APC UPS model number. The bottom row indicates the APC UPS serial number. The first two numbers in the serial number indicate the year that the APC UPS was manufactured. For example, serial #SB041650513 is a unit manufactured in 2004. The age of the APC UPS will also help you to determine if you need a replacement battery cartridge. A battery will typically last 3-5 years, varying based on frequency of use, duration of use and environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.


If you purchase a Replacement Battery cartridge (RBC)  please note that some units contain multiple batteries inside the UPS. The Selector will provide you with a single part # that will contain all the batteries you will need for your UPS model, unless otherwise indicated in the chart. For example, a model SU700NET has 2 batteries inside. If you purchase qty 1 #RBC5, you will receive a cartridge containing the 2 batteries needed for your unit, hence you only need to purchase qty1(one) part #RBC5 for your SU700NET.”