If you have the account with Singapore NLB Account  and Adobe ID, then you can skip step 1 and 2.

1) Register a Singapore National Library Board “NLB Digital Account” (can borrow up to 12 audiobooks/ebooks)


2) Apply Adobe ID (for Digital Ebooks)


3) For Digital Audio Media (MP3, WMa) and Digital Ebooks

4) Run Overdrive Media Console and Select “Get Books” >>> “Settings” >>> “eBooks Settings”. Tap “Authorize” and Enter Adobe ID and Password.


5) Add a library “http://singapore.lib.overdrive”


6) Select “Singapore National  Library”  http://singapore.lib.overdrive.com and Login (username and NRIC number/Membership number)



7) Select “Browse”.  Select Ebook or Audiobooks. You can borrow up to 12 titles of audiobooks/ebooks.


8 ) After selecting all your desired  ebook or audiobook and checkout.
9) Run Overdrive. Goto “My eBookshelf” and download
Note : Be prepared, in the middle of the downloading, Overdrive will exit from the program abnormally. Rerun Overdrive to continue downloading.