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1. Undo “delete” – We have all accidently deleted an important document from our computers however Livedrive has a simple function which allows you to recover the file. Simply log into Livedrive online, go to your Briefcase or Backup, click on the “view option” tab and select “show deleted files”. Your deleted files will be kept on our system for 30 days, just in case you need them again.

2. Stream your music and films – Livedrive has a built in music and video streaming service which allows you to play all of your songs and films without downloading them. Our streaming service is available through Livedrive online and our iOS, Android and Chrome apps. Simply select the audio or video file from your folder and press play. This will allow you to enjoy your favourite TV episodes or music on your daily commute.

3. Extra space – Some users fill up their 2TB of space and don’t realise they can get up to an extra 10TB of space for a little extra each month. Simply go to Livedrive online and click on the “Account Settings” button to see a full list of ways to increase your account.

4. Email to Livedrive – You can upload any file to your Livedrive account via email. Simply go to Livedrive Online, specify the email you want to use i.e. myaddress@uploads.livedrive.com and select a folder where the files will be placed. You can then send files to your cloud as attachments in your emails. The service is free and available from any device with email capability.

5. Backup pictures automatically from your camera – Livedrive has built in FTP support which means it’s possible to send files straight from your electronic devices. If your camera has an EyeFi memory card you can send images through WiFi to your cloud folder. This can be a great solution for people who frequently break of lose their devices.

6. Upload your images directly to Facebook – 20% of pictures taken by Brits in the next year are expected to be uploaded to Facebook. To make the process easier we have built a Facebook uploader into Livedrive online. Simply navigate to your desired picture and click on the “upload to Facebook” button.