32-Bit ActiveX Controls Do Not Work on 64-Bit Internet Explorer 6.0 for 64-Bit Windows XP-Based Computers


If you browse the Internet with 64-bit Internet Explorer 6.0 on a 64-bit Microsoft Windows XP-based computer, and you view a Web page that contains a 32-bit ActiveX control, you are prompted to install the ActiveX control. When you attempt to install the ActiveX control, the installation process is unsuccessful. Although the activeX control acts like it is being installed, is not installed.


This behavior can occur because 32-bit ActiveX controls do not work on 64-bit Internet Explorer 6.0 that has been installed on 64-bit Windows XP-based computers.


To work around this behavior, run the Iexplore.exe program from the Syswow64 folder. This procedure installs the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer into your computer.