Being a IT Support engineer, having the right tool is critical to resolve problem fast.  In doing so, making IT Support easier and more efficient.

Virus Effect Remover is a tool for removing the effect of viruses from the windows registry and file system. It also detects registry errors caused by the virus and enables Blocked content like task manager, registry editor, folder option etc. With it you can also terminate the virus process and remove it permanently. Repair Autorun errors.

This cool software can help the user in removing effects from the Windows file system and the Windows Registry. It can also re-enable access to the Windows Taskmanager, Registry Editor, MSconfig and the Process List.

Other options include process details that can be used to kill any running process including files that are currently in use by it. These processes and files can be added to a blacklist so that they will not be executed anymore even if they try to do so automatically.

computer virus effect remover

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