1) Basic
Start menu   

My Computer  + <E>

Create new folder <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <N>

Zoom    + <+>

Connect to projector  + <P>

Flip 3D   + <Tab>


2) Windows Management 

Peek at the desktop + <Space>
Show/Hide desktop  + <D>
Minimize all windows   + <M>
Minimize other windows   +<Home>
Maximize   + <↑>
Minimize/Restore   + <↓>
Dock to left   + <←>
Dock to right   + <→>
Jump to left monitor   + <Shift> + <←>
Jump to right monitor   + <Shift> + <→>
Bring all gadgets to the front   + <G>

3) TaskBar

Cycle through icons    + <T>


4) Aero

To See Through Windows with Aero Peek: Point to the Show Desktop button on the right edge of the taskbar or press  + <Space>.

To View Open Windows with Aero Peek: Point to the program icon on the taskbar that contains the file or window you want to view. Click the thumbnail preview to view the window.

To Minimize Other Windows with Aero Shake: Click and drag a window’s title bar quickly from side to side. Or, press  + <Home>.

To Compare Windows Side by Side with Aero Snap: Click and drag a window’s title bar to the right side of the screen, and drag the other window to the left side of the screen. Or, press  + <→> and  + <←>.

To Maximize an Open Window with Aero Snap: Click and drag the window’s title bar to the top of the screen or, drag the bottom border of the window down to the taskbar. Or, press  + <↑>.

To Flip through Windows with Flip 3D: Press   + <Tab>; continue to hold down the   key while pressing <Tab> to scroll through the open windows.