Over the last few years, the cost of staffing has been increasing faster than the office staff productivity. This has lead many people in seeking new alternative ways to improve work productivity in the office. We have a simple solution to this.  You can add in a 2nd monitor to turbo boost work productivity.

Many researchers have completed in-depth studies to determine the efficacy of dual-monitor configurations in boosting productivity and increasing user satisfaction.

Advantages of using Dual Monitors

  1. Can run program simultaneously side-by-side. (eg  Left Screen – Excel, Right Screen – Powerpoint)
  2. Ability to create document/email with side-by-side reference to critical information (eg Left Screen – Entering Orders, Right Screen – Checking Mails in Outlook)
  3. Simple to Use (no training required)
  4. Increased Collaboration and Communication
  5. Improve work productivity
    • can complete document faster by 44% (from Utah study – Dell Research)
    • can complete spreadsheet faster by 29%   (from Utah study – Dell Research)
  6. Better Staff Satisfaction (Win-Win – No need for overtime, save cost for employer, better work-life balance for employee)

Disadvantages of using Dual Monitors

  1. More Desk Space is requried
  2. More Cost (cost of 2nd monitor)

Ultimately, using a dual monitor system can leads to an increase in productivity due to a larger and more flexible visual workspace. Recently, there are people starting to use PC with 3,4 and even 8 monitors. It is a bit excessively for the normal workplace. Personally, I feel that the dual screen PC will earn its place in every workplace soon.

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