Place keywords in the title:

Placing keywords in the title can help you get a high ranking. If you have an old domain name, you can get a good position with the keywords that have little competition.

Use a 2 percent keyword density:

This figure is calculated from the total words of the article that you make in one page. You can also put keywords per 100 words to maximize SEO techniques.

Use ALT tags if you use a picture:

Sometimes the articles you create will need the support of the image. The search engine cannot read the image and for that, put your keywords in ALT tags on your images.

Variations of your keyword format:

Variations are intended here is to make your keywords into bold or italics.

Provide a link on your keywords:

To get a good web site structure, put a link on each article by using keywords as anchor text. This makes the main page to get a link back from each article on your website.

Give LSI keywords:

LSI is a phrase that relates to the main keyword. The use of LSI is very important to get a good ranking in major search engines. The use of LSI can minimize excessive use of keywords.