NAS – Network Attached Storage (like harddisk connected in a network)

NASNetwork Attached Storage is a system consisting of 1 or more hard drives, an operating system and an Ethernet connection . This system connects to your network, allowing those on the network to share files and access from a central location, along with a bunch of other helpful stuff . When it comes to NAS, sharing can mean multiple things . You can share storage capacity , share files and even share a printer.

Sharing Files

If you have multiple computers , there has probably been many times when you wanted to have one or files on more than one computer (these files can be music , documents , photos , videos ,  etc). This is the basic problem that NAS solves. In its simplest form, you can think of NAS as an external hard drive that lives next to your router and is accessible by all the computers in your home . NAS is easy to store and access files .


Using a NAS to help you backup your music , documents , photos , videos , and other important document even your whole computer . With the backup you can easy recover your documents and files from being accidently deleted or suddenly harddisk crash down and file corrupted .

Remote Access

NAS have the ability to not only store your files, but make them accessible to you anywhere in the world! With just a few clicks, you can listen to your favorite song right from within your web browser or download that presentation you forgot to bring to work. Plus, you can share vacation video file or photos with friends.

Media Streaming

With NAS , you can store all of your media in one place and access it from anywhere in the home or Office . You can have a media player in every room of the house and have them all simultaneously access files from just one NAS device .

Printer Sharing

NAS allow you to connect a USB printer and share that printer with every MAC and PC in the home and Office .