Remote IT Support Services

Today’s IT Help desk is expected to provide high‐quality customer service in an increasingly complex and mobile environment. Many companies run a mix of operating systems (OSs) or varying editions of the same OS on hardware from different manufacturers. Although organizations may standardize on an office productivity suite, employees may use different versions due to budget restrictions on upgrading all packages simultaneously.

Some employees also require specialized software, such as graphics, computer‐aided design (CAD), or modeling packages. At the same time, mobile computing is on the rise, with many employees needing to work from customer sites, between main and branch offices, and from home. Those employees need laptops with secure Ethernet, Wi‐Fi, mobile broadband, and dial‐up modem connectivity so that they can connect to the Internet any place, at any time.

All of these technologies fall to the Help desk to support, where the majority of user requests must be handled remotely. With the usual long queues of users needing help, Help desk managers constantly seek more efficient and cost‐effective ways to:
• Increase the productivity of their internal support teams
• Remotely diagnose systems
• Support mobile workers
• Decrease call handling times
• Boost first‐contact resolution rates
• Ensure business continuity

VT2 can help your business in many ways

  • You can provide PC/Network Technical Assistance to any PC and Servers around the world within a few seconds
  • Get quick and realtime customer support from our friendly and experienced engineers
  • Helping companies to focus on growing business rather than managing technologies
  • No need to wait for engineer to go onsite. Get instant Support.
  • It is like having a support engineer always in your office.
  • Fast and Efficient way of getting help to solve IT issues and problems
  • Allows remote engineers to control both Windows and Mac computers behind a firewall or router
  • Secure and reliable way to get IT Support anywhere

This is how some of customers describe us

  • “It is affordable and low-cost IT Support for SME”
  • “Friendly and Well-Trained Engineers”
  • “It is like having my personal team of IT experts…”



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