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Jun 25

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat: Small business servers #winchat

This week we are here to discuss the efficiency of small business servers—which have large influences on the successes and failures of a business. Windows has cultivated a list of ideal servers and server support for small businesses which can provide powerful and flexible solutions to protect a company’s data. For tomorrow’s Tech Tuesday Live …

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Nov 15

How to Turn Off “Enable Editing” in Microsoft Office 2010

How to Turn Off “Enable Editing” in Microsoft Office 2010 1.    Open any Office 2010 application (Ex: Word or Excel). 2.    Click on Office or File button, and select Options. 3.    Under Options select “Trust Center” in the left pane. 4.    Click on Trust Center Settings in the right pane.   5.    Click on the …

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Oct 18

The Evolution Of Microsoft Windows

The Evolution Of Microsoft Windows . 1985 Windows 1.0 Microsoft released the first version of Windows called Windows 1.0. Windows 1.0 is very simple, is a based on the DOS operating system software, the revolutionary feature of the proposed multi-task.   1987 Windows 2.0 Windows 2.0 release time for 1987, corrected some of the deficiencies, …

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Oct 17

How to Download Preloaded/Pre-installed Office 2007/2010 FPP or PKC Software

Office 2007 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)/ Retail Version Your computer was pre-installed with a version of Microsoft Office 2007. Should you ever need to reinstall your version of Office, the fastest and easiest way is via a backup copy. You can obtain a backup copy now. Office 2010 PKC (Product Key Card – previously …

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